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Now Seeking Motivated Members to Join Our Team!

With students and members from around the United States, our REI Group is thriving in a favorable local and National Real Estate Market. 

Opportunities are everywhere! 

Our Team of Trained Real Estate Experts is currently developing diverse Real Estate Portfolios including Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Unit Properties in Atlanta, Georgia and beyond!

Poised for success, we teach, we mentor, and we celebrate the success of our students and members. 

Our goal is to help people free themselves from the W-2 world working with our nationwide group of Real Estate Investors.

If – for some reason – you don’t want to become a successful REI professional, our updated education course teaches ordinary people how they can pay off an existing mortgage in 7-10 years WITHOUT making extra payments or increasing a monthly budget! Better yet, this strategy works on paying off student loans and other types of secured and unsecured debt.